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Meet May!

Founder, (MSW, RSW)

Soul-based trauma therapist, passionate about raising collective consciousness and nurturing generations of healthy, happy humans. 


May is a Korean-Canadian therapist in Ontario, Canada. In the last 10 years, May has contributed her mental health expertise to government, police, school, hospitals, courts and homeless shelters. May has a deep and positive understanding of mental wellness, also having her own lived experiences of trauma, family conflict and personal healing. May has a calm, intelligent and an intuitive sense of what support is needed.


DTE was passionately designed as a preventative - after persistently supporting thousands of Canadians through depression, anxiety, burnout, stress, personality disorders, body-image issues, parent-child conflict, substance use, PTSD, death, anger, assault, newcomer resettlement, racism, self-esteem issues etc.

May is also a Master's level clinical supervisor and a guest author of The Goddess Portal, a best-seller woman empowerment book (available in Shop). May's creative and refreshing approach to mental health makes DTE a trendsetter, inspiring people to invest in their mental wellness today. 

May's Credentials

Asset 133tertiary.png

Masters of Social Work (WLU)

Asset 133tertiary.png
Trauma certification (WLU)
Asset 133tertiary.png
Honours B.Sc. In Psychology (YorkU)
Asset 133tertiary.png
Vocational Rehabilitation Certificate
Asset 133tertiary.png
IFS Therapy Certification

Approach to Care

Therapeutic Orientation

DTE's programs are built on various modalities such as:
Asset 135tertiary.png

CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy)

Asset 135tertiary.png



Asset 135tertiary.png



Asset 135tertiary.png

DBT (Dialectical Behavioural Therapy)

Asset 135tertiary.png

IFS Therapy


Asset 135tertiary.png

Anti-oppressive, and Culturally sensitive

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Asset 135tertiary.png

Somatic Experiencing (Body-Based) 

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Spiritual and Energy

based life coaching

  • Who is Down to Earth for?
    To join Down to Earth, you must be at least 18 years old looking to invest in their mental wellness earlier on. Our counselling services are for individuals and families looking for clarity, professional, non-biased insight to their current situation. Calm School is for people enhancing their emotional intelligence in a safe, structured environment. Consulting is for businesses and organizations that want to build their mental health infrastructure.
  • Are your services covered by Insurance?
    Yes, counselling and Calm School is covered if you have coverage for Social Worker (MSW) or counselling in Ontario.
  • What outcomes should I expect?
    Our services are crafted to support you in a variety of ways. Here are a few outcomes: Feel cleared and calmer Clearly understand your mental health Know how to manage emotions, thoughts, body, and life experiences Be more present, grounded and sure of yourself Cultivate a positive relationship with yourself Increase self-care Understand other people’s mental health better Note* - There are no guarantee results, as everyone is unique with their own path in life.
  • Are there refunds?
    No there are no refunds at DTE. Please make sure that you feel aligned to this program prior to purchase. You can email us and schedule a time to talk to address any questions prior to enrolment. This policy allows us to uphold the quality and preparation for those we serve.

Want to start your self-growth journey?

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