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Mental wellness

💙 it's what people need💙

You should join if you feel...

...or if you simply want to Be a better person, we've got you!

Everyone needs down to earth support.
It keeps you grounded and balance-minded.
DTE gives you the skills and environment to set you up for success. 

Calm School

Preventative Mental Health Education 

Our powerful curriculum is packed with positive psychoeducation everyone needs to know to be mentally healthy. 

Expected Results: Mind opens up, feel calm and self-aware.



Individuals  |  Families  |  Tailored to you

Life is not meant to do alone. Our therapists are skilled in multiple therapeutic approaches, and help you experience real shifts in your emotions, thoughts, and perspective. 


Mental Wellness Perspective

It's 2023 & it's imperative to have mental health systems built within your organization, supporting your staff and clients. Especially if you are in human-servicing industry. 


At Down to Earth...

We are a trailblazer in the mental health industry - we don't do crisis work! Instead, we are focused on holistic, trauma-informed, preventative measures providing support AHEAD of time... before big mental health issues develop.

DTE was created after a decade of putting out fires in Ontario's mental health crisis settings. Our founder, May, has helped thousands of people through homelessness, substance use, unemployment, violence, abuse and family breakdown. Since then, May is convinced 'prevention is always better'. Many young and old lives have transformed for the better with down to earth support. 

DTE provides program and products that support your mental health. We have a deep understanding of human life, human psychology and mental health, so we do not pathologize, judge or dismiss.

Many people say, "I wish I came across this sooner!"

Mental health is both an individual and collective responsibility, so come learn how to take care of yourself in a supportive, grow-oriented community!

Happy + Healthy Humans

"DTE is a great option for mental health education. May is passionate, educated, and very easy to relate to. May goes above and beyond for her clients to ensure a comfortable journey through self-awareness and mental wellness. Her confidence and dedication will leave you wishing life had connected you sooner.


Thank you, May, for being exactly who you are and encouraging others to step into their light. You are one of a kind."

K.U (Early Childhood Educator, parent of 2)

Want to start growing with us?

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